Stunning Images Reveal Jupiter Ahead of Juno’s Arrival

Researchers at the ecu Southern Observatory’s Very large Telescope (VLT) in Chile have captured stunning new pictures and prepared the very best-resolution maps to date of Jupiter, every week ahead of the arrival of Nasa’s Juno spacecraft on the giant planet on July four.

The pictures had been captured at the thermal infrared wavelengths the use of a newly-upgraded thermal imager called VISIR.

“We used a technique referred to as ‘lucky imaging’, wherein character sharp frames are extracted from brief movies of Jupiter to ‘freeze’ the turbulent motions of our very own ecosystem, to create a lovely new picture of Jupiter’s cloud layers,” said Leigh Fletcher from university of Leicester.

“At this wavelength, Jupiter’s clouds seem in silhouette in opposition to the deep inner glows of the planet. pics of this best will offer the worldwide context for Juno’s close-up perspectives of the planet at the same wavelength,” he brought.

Jupiter’s excessive decision maps, which monitor the existing-day temperatures, composition and cloud insurance in the planet’s dynamic atmosphere, and display how large storms, vortices and wave styles shape its look, will assist set the scene for what Juno will witness within the coming months.

The ground-based marketing campaign in support of Juno is led by Glenn Orton of Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

once in orbit around Jupiter, Juno will skim just 5,000 km above Jupiter’s clouds as soon as a fortnight – too near offer worldwide coverage in a single image.

The Earth-primarily based observations supplement the suite of advanced instrumentation at the Juno spacecraft, filling inside the gaps in Juno’s spectral insurance and supplying the broader international and temporal context to Juno’s near-in observations.

Fletcher supplied the observations on the national Astronomy meeting in Nottingham on Monday.

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